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Humility, Honesty, and Simplicity

Humility, Honesty, and Simplicity

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about scriptIn the early 1930’s, Shunji Nishimura immigrated to Brazil from Japan to establish a new life in the wake of devastating economic conditions in his home country. Arriving in Brazil, Mr. Nishimura had only the equivalent of $100US in his pocket and very little knowledge of Portuguese, the language of his adopted country.

about mugLiving in the highly-populated city of São Paulo, Mr. Nishimura worked at various jobs including serving as butler for wealthy Brazilians and harvesting coffee, a highly rigorous hand process back in the 1930’s. Later moving to remote Pompéia – because the train tracks extend no farther from São Paulo – Mr. Nishimura opened a fix-it shop where he proved to be of great service to his community. His first “original” products were drinking mugs fashioned from tin cans. He also fixed and repaired anything and everything his customers brought to him.

At one point, he was asked to repair an agricultural “duster” from the USA. Noting that it was designed for the operator to wear on his chest, Mr. Nishimura re-designed the duster for more-comfortable backpack operation. Over time, Mr. Nishimura’s dependability and innovative skills caused his neighbors to request that he design and build his own dusters, which he began offering in the late 1940’s. Later moving to backpack sprayers made of metal, Mr. Nishimura named this company Jacto and became known for always taking the best care of his customers. Today, Jacto continues the philosophy of our founder: "Never abandon a farmer (or any customer) who is using our equipment."

about sprayersCreating robust and highly-efficient backpack sprayers, Mr. Nishimura launched the first of such products made from composite materials. In the 1960’s, he sent his son to Germany to bring back equipment for plastic blow molding. Because of heavy taxes in Brazil for importation of such equipment, Mr. Nishimura requested and received a waiver of the tax directly from the country’s president. At that point, Jacto launched the world’s best backpack sprayers – which continues to this day. That was also the time when Mr. Nishimura made the commitment to “give back” all he could to help to improve the lives of people in his adopted land.

about equipmentIn the span of one man’s lifetime, a poor immigrant with a “fix-it” shop established a company that has become a leading equipment provider to the Agricultural markets in Brazil and nearly 100 other countries – supplying a variety of state-of-the art backpack, tractor-powered and self-propelled sprayers and related equipment. Today Jacto employs nearly 4,000 people and provides educational support to countless others through the Nishimura Foundation and other schools the company has built and operates in Brazil.

We at Jacto are proud to serve our customers and our customers’ communities. When you think about the Jacto brand, consider not only the highly-engineered and innovative products that serve end customers well; but also consider that we care deeply for our social responsibility – and will continually offer products and services to improve the results of our customers and the health of our planet.

Jacto’s Company Values

  • Jacto Clients are Happy Clients
  • Nobody Grows Alone
  • Develop in-house talent
  • Work hard as a means to prosper
  • Honor all commitments
  • Avoid debts
  • Three virtues: Humility, Honesty, and Simplicity
  • Innovative spirit
  • Social and environmental responsibility
  • Happiness in sharing

Jacto’s Family of Companies

Our umbrella is wide, with the Jacto group covering numerous industries and markets from agricultural sprayers (both tractor-powered and self-propelled) as well as backpack sprayers to precision plastic molding to trucking to electric vehicles to pressure washers and cleaning equipment to water treatment to precision foundry castings to life-saving medical components. Jacto has launched many successful enterprises to serve markets and to contribute to many nations around the world.

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