Jacto Air-Assist Sprayers

Air-assist boom technology offers unsurpassed coverage and crop protection while reducing drift by up to 70%.

Jacto air-assist boom technology offers unsurpassed coverage and crop protection while reducing drift by up to 70%. Jacto Vortex boom sprayers can cover up to twice the area of similar conventional boom sprayers by dramatically increasing the efficiency of spray solution delivery to the target crop. Our air-assist system uses the high speed "Vortex" air to push the spray material into and through the plant canopy for improved deposition and efficacy. Another advantage of air-assist sprayers is that they can be used on days when wind conditions exceed more than 10 MPH with limited risk of drift while still delivering the spray material to the target.

Jacto offers two different model air-assist Vortex boom sprayers... our Falcon Vortex 3-point hitch and trailer version Advance Vortex.

Both models use a hydraulically driven fan to provide air through an air curtain that runs along the length of the boom assembly. The air curtain is designed so an equal amount of air is distributed along the full length of the boom and both models offer an adjustable fan speed for optimal performance.The air comes through a diffuser mounted to the side of the boom and is slightly angled so the air does not interfere with the spray droplet formation. Next the air intersects with the spray solution just above the canopy and opens the canopy to help drive the spray solution deeper and more thoroughly through to the target area. An added feature is the Vortex air-assist works even with one boom fully folded and the end boom sections are dual breakaway... forward or backward.

Jacto Vortex sprayers are very popular with vegetable growers, especially crops that have a tight center where it is hard to drive spray material into with a conventional boom. Such crops as oriental vegetables, onions, cabbage, broccoli, curcubit crops and strawberries. They have been used successfully in taller plants such as eggplant and also commercial flower production. Another popular use is for one pass application of dessicants in commercial potatoes, eliminating the need for multiple sprays prior to harvest.

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