Jacto Airblast Sprayers

Versatile, Agile and Compact.

Arbus 1000 Trailer Mounted - Two Models

Jacto's low profile Arbus 1000 airblast sprayer has a steering axle that allows as tight as a 9 foot turning radius depending on tractor size. The "T" bar connection, to the lift arms of the tractor, actuates a tie rod that turns the trailer wheels, allowing the sprayer to follow the track of the tractor.

With both 28"(A1000-725) and 33"(A1000-850) fan sizes available, these versatile sprayers are perfect for orchards, vineyards, nurseries and high bush blueberries. The 33"fan  A1000-850 is very popular with highbush blueberries and dense tall hops growers.

Both feature a fiberglass tank, stainless nozzle branch tubing, ceramic flip-over nozzles, Jacto piston pump. The A1000-725 has remote cable control standard and the A1000-850 has factory installed electric valves.

Our optional Minitower can be added to the A1000-725 for use in vertical growing crops such as highbush blueberries, spindle or trellised fruit trees, caneberries and nursery trees. The Minitower changes the spray pattern from a circle to a vertical spray curtain, more evenly matching the plant canopy for increased spray deposition.

Growers with cab tractors can add our optional electric valve kit with in-cab controls for the A1000-725 and the A1000-850 comes standard from the factory with electric controls eliminating the need to open the rear window to operate the sprayer.

Features for both models A1000-725 and A1000-850

  • 265 gallon fiberglass tank, trailer mounted, with steering axle
  • 11L-15 10-ply flotation tires
  • 28 inch diameter fan A1000-725 or 33 inch diameter fan A1000-850
  • Fan disconnect, for when filling or using a spray gun
  • Jacto JP75 ceramic cylinder piston pump – 20 gpm @ up to 300 psi
  • 18 double flip-over brass nozzle holders with 36 ceramic nozzles
  • Remote cable controls A1000-725, electric valves A1000-850
  • Mechanical and bypass agitation
  • Suction filter with shutoff and washable mesh element
  • Adjustable top deflectors
  • Chemical container and fresh-water rinse systems
  • Plumbed for optional hand guns
  • Empty weight - A1000-725 1,234 lbs, A1000-850 1560 lbs
  • Recommended tractor – 55 HP and above
  • Optional electric valves available for A1000-725
  • Optional Minitower available for A1000-725, will not fit A1000-850

Arbus 1000-725

Arbus 1000-850

Arbus 1000-725
with Mini Tower

Arbus 1000-725
with Mini Tower

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