Jacto Airblast Sprayers

Versatile, Agile and Compact.

Arbus 270 Tractor Mounted

Jacto's Arbus 270 will give you excellent coverage at a very competitive price. It's components are light and chemical resistant; a thick wall high density polyethylene tank, stainless steel nozzle branches, ceramic nozzles, a single three way control valve with regulator and Jacto ceramic cylinder piston pump are just some of the standard features.

It can be mounted on compact tractors as small as 22 HP to spray a wide variety of crops such as; blueberries, apples, pears, cherries, grapes, plums, vegetable crops, nursery stock, nut trees and Christmas trees.

For growers with cab tractors our optional electric valve kit with in cab controls eliminates the need to open the rear window to operate the sprayer.


  • 70 gallon poly tank
  • 24 inch diameter fan
  • Jacto JP50 piston pump – 13 gpm @ up to 300 psi
  • Suction filter with shutoff and washable 60 mesh element
  • Manual spray controls standard
  • Chemical container rinse system
  • 4 gallon freshwater hand wash/eye wash tank
  • Plumbed for optional hand spray guns
  • Fan disconnect, important for continuious agitation when travelling to spray site
  • Hydraulic agitation
  • 10 double flip-over nozzle holders with ceramic nozzles and nozzle screens
  • Empty weight – 374 lbs
  • Recommended tractor – 22 HP and above
  • Optional electric valve kit #ELKIT2A


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