Jacto Airblast Sprayers

Versatile, Agile and Compact.

Arbus 500 Trailer Mounted

Jacto's Arbus 500 airblast sprayer is designed to economically meet the demands of specialty crop applications such as grapes, caneberries, blueberries, fruit orchards, nut growers, nursery and Christmas trees. 

Specialty crop farmers and commercial growers alike, will appreciate the unique features built into the Arbus 500 that ensure long life, excellent durability, and maximum crop protection. Designed for compact tractors as small as 20 HP that are working in tight crop areas and available in two configurations... the A500N or the A500T.

Both models feature a high density poly tank, stainless nozzle branches, ceramic nozzles, Jacto high pressure piston pump, fresh water chemical circuit rinse tank, hand wash tank, cable controls and plumbed for optional hand spray guns. Hand gun fitting sold separately.

The A500N is only 43" wide and perfect for narrow row crops and features a standard clevis hitch and fixed axle. While the A500T is only 49".

The A500T has a tracking axle and features a "T" bar connection to the tractor lift arms, that actuates a tie rod, that turns the axle of the sprayer whenever the tractor turns. This action allows the sprayer to follow the track of the tractor for very tight turns without damage to the pto shaft.

Both models can be fitted with our optional Minitower for vertical growing crops such as grapes, blueberries and trellised fruit trees. The Minitower moves the spray closer to the target area and is engineered to give even airflow and improved deposition all along the vertical surface.

For growers with cab tractors our optional electric valve kit with in cab controls eliminates the cable controls or the need to open the rear window to operate the sprayer.


  • 150 gallon poly tank, trailer mounted
  • Chemical container rinse system
  • 13 gallon chemical circuit rinse system
  • 4 gallon fresh water hand wash/eye wash tank
  • External dump valve for quick empting of main tank
  • 22 inch diameter axial fan
  • Hydraulic agitation with venturi
  • Jacto JP50 ceramic cylinder piston pump – 13 gpm, @ up to 300 psi
  • VAR pressure control valve
  • Suction filter with shutoff and washable 60 mesh element
  • Remote cable controls standard
  • Plumbed for optional hand spray guns
  • Fan disconnect, important for agitation when travelling to spray site or hand gun use
  • 16 double flip-over nozzle holders with ceramic insert nozzles and filters
  • Empty weight – A500N - 728 lbs, A500T - 760 lbs
  • Recommended tractor – 20 HP and above
  • Optional electric valve kit #ELKIT2A
  • Optional Minitower #1197701
  • optional handgun fitting #086447 + #706792 o-ring


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