Jacto Cannon Sprayers

Cut your spraying time by up to 75% and your chemical usage by 50% or more over hand spraying!

Jacto Cannon sprayers are one of the most versatile sprayers you can have on your farm and they provide excellent pest and disease protection for a wide variety of crops. 

Cannon wide swath sprayers utilize a high-speed one direction air stream to deliver fine droplets to the crop target area. This high speed air is ideal for movement of the crop canopy, allowing the fine droplets to penetrate in areas not accessible when using a conventional boom sprayer or hand spraying technique and in many cases allowing you to reduce the total amount of gallons per acre applied. This method is extremely effective in dense canopied crops such as pumpkins, melons and cucurbit crops as well as container nurseries. Spray swaths from as small as 15 feet up to 100 feet can be achieved depending on crop and wind conditions.

Jacto cannon sprayers can reduce your spray times by up to 75% and chemical usage by up to 50% versus hand spraying operations.

 A very durable Jacto centrifugal pump delivers the spray solution from the tank to the outlet duct assembly that has both horizontal as well as vertical height adjustment. Depending on the model the adjustment is either manual or hydraulic.

Popular crop applications include all types of vegetables, blueberries, strawberries, cane berries, pumpkins, melons, sweet corn, container and tree nursery applications and even some fruit tree applications. Besides crop care, Jacto cannon sprayers have proven very effective at fly control in dairy and feedlot operations and for poultry house cleaning. They have also been used effectively for nutrient feeding of pastures and for selective herbide use in pastures.

 There are eight three-point hitch models, and two trailer-mounted models to choose from and we offer optional electric spray controls and duct extensions for several models. To find out more, click on the Cannon Accessories link under the sprayer models tab.

  • AJ401 Tractor Mounted

    AJ401 Tractor Mounted

    The AJ401 is one of Jacto's most versatile and economical cannon sprayers for a wide variety of spray applications. The Read More
  • J400 Tractor Mounted

    J400 Tractor Mounted

    The J400 series cannon sprayer provides the speed and versatility you need to protect your crops with ease and accuracy. Read More
  • J600 Tractor Mounted

    J600 Tractor Mounted

    The J600 series of Cannon sprayers provides added performance and capacity for specialty growers. Similar in operation to our smaller Read More
  • J1000 Trailer Mounted

    J1000 Trailer Mounted

    Jacto's J1000CHT Cannon Sprayer is designed for wide swath spraying applications. It uses the same fan and outlet application assembly Read More
  • J2000/J2600 Trailer Mounted

    J2000/J2600 Trailer Mounted

    Jacto's versatile J2000 (formerly J2600) Cannon Sprayer is designed for wide swath spraying applications and uses the time proven J600CHT Read More
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