Jacto Cannon Sprayers

Cut your spraying time by up to 75% and your chemical usage by 50% or more over hand spraying!

J2000/J2600 Trailer Mounted

Jacto's versatile J2000 (formerly J2600) Cannon Sprayer is designed for wide swath spraying applications and uses the time proven J600CHT fan and outlet duct assembly for superior performance and spray deposition. The fan assembly includes a disconnect for use with handguns, filling and mixing, and has up to a 110-foot wide spray swath depending on crop and wind conditions.

The J2000 is equipped with a Jacto 26 gpm high pressure piston pump for added performance when a hand gun application is needed, and handgun pressures up to 300 psi. The rear frame bumper will accept two hose reels and there are two separate handgun ports for quick connection of the reels. handgun fitting sold separately.

The J2000 is fitted with a wide angle constant velocity PTO shaft for tighter turns.

Ideal for container nurseries, shadehouses, tree farms, highbush and low wild blueberries, pumpkins, sweet corn, a variety of other vegetables and Christmas trees. Non crop applications include pasture maintenance, as well as fly and odor control in livestock and landfill operations.

Optional duct extension kit available. In crops such as highbush blueberries, certain varieties of sweet corn and taller nursery trees it may be desirable to add the 39 or 78 inch duct extension. These extensions mount to the top of the fan housing before the outlet duct to raise the whole assembly. This higher mount allows you to achieve proper spray angles across, down and through the crop. The kit comes complete with all mounting hardware and hose extensions and can be added to any new or existing J2000/2600 series sprayer


  • Up to 110 foot spray swath depending on crop and wind conditions
  • 550 gallon poly tank
  • Trailer mounted with 11L-15 flotation tires
  • Equipped with a Jacto JP100 – 26 gpm pump
  • Plumbed for optional hand guns, at up to 300 psi pressure
  • CV-PTO standard
  • Cable controls standard
  • Mechanical and bypass agitation
  • two-stage suction filter with shutoff and washable 24/40 mesh elements
  • Hydraulic outlet duct controls for rotation and elevation-uses tractor hydraulics
  • Chemical container rinse system
  • 3 gallon freshwater hand wash/eye splash tank
  • Recommended tractor – 75 HP and above
  • Optional 39 or 78 inch duct extension kits available
  • Optional 1/2" handgun fitting- #086447 fitting + #706792 o-ring
  • Optional 21.5L X16.1 tire and wheel kit

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