Jacto Cannon Sprayers

Cut your spraying time by up to 75% and your chemical usage by 50% or more over hand spraying!

J400 Tractor Mounted

The J400 series cannon sprayer provides the speed and versatility you need to protect your crops with ease and accuracy.

The J400 series has the same 105 gallon capacity and Jacto centrifugal pump as the AJ401, but with a larger fan with higher CFM and discharge speeds and a completely different outlet duct assembly that lets you achieve spray swaths up to 80 feet, depending on the crop.

The specially designed Cannon head is easy to operate and can be adjusted horizontally up to 290 degrees and vertically by 34 degrees. Two versions are available, the standard J400 with manually adjusted outlet duct or the J400CHT with hydraulic duct control. If you choose the J400CHT you must have two open sets of remotes for the hydraulic hoses to be plugged into.

Besides the main cannon duct, there are two smaller adjustable intermediate ducts on the lower side of the main duct. This helps ensure you can get coverage for crops closer to the tractor.

The J400 series uses a single lever flow control that makes calibration easy and eliminates the need to change nozzles. An interactive calibration chart is available under the Support Tab/Calibration.

Popular applications are vegetables, especially pumpkins and sweet corn, blueberries, Christmas trees as well as container and tree nurseries.

For growers with cab tractors, we offer an optional electric valve kit, for in cab control.

An optional duct extension kit is available. In crops such as highbush blueberries and certain varieties of sweet corn, it may be desirable to add the 24 inch duct extension. This extension mounts to the top of the fan housing before the outlet duct to raise the whole assembly. This higher mount allows you to achieve proper spray angles across, down and through the crop. The kit comes complete with all mounting hardware and hose extensions and can be added to any new or in operation J400 series sprayer.


  • Up to 80 foot spray swath
  • 105 gallon poly tank
  • Jacto Centrifugal pump
  • Chemical container rinse system
  • Suction filter with washable and reusable 40 mesh stainless element 
  • Bypass and mechanical agitation
  • 3 gallon freshwater handwash/eyesplash safety tank
  • J400 with manual duct controls
  • J400CHT with hydraulic duct controls
  • Empty weight: 650 lbs.
  • Recommended tractor - 40 hp and above
  • Optional electric valve kit with in cab controller #ELCKIT2
  • Optional 24 inch duct extension kit #J400EXT24

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