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PJ401 Configurable Sprayer

Ideal for the grower that needs more than one style of sprayer. Start with the configurable Condorito base and add application kits as needed from the 4 assemblies shown…Making your configurable Condorito an efficient and versatile spraying system.


  • Single hose reel sprayer
  • Manual wind hose reel
  • Double hose reel sprayer
  • Two manual wind hose reel
  • Hooded herbicide boom sprayer
  • Adjustable boom from 5 to 10 feet
  • 33-foot standard boom sprayer
  • Conventional boom with anti-drip nozzle holders
  • Manually folds for ease of use and transport

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PJ401 with 1 Reel

PJ401 with 2 Reels

PJ401 with Herbicide Boom

PJ401 with Boom

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